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An ever growing list of powerful features to help you increase your revenue.

Commerce offers

Increase revenue by running commerce offers that support one click payment as well as free gifting scenarios. Offer both single and multiple products on every offer.

Content offers

Increase customer lifetime value with branded marketing and offers. Use cases include first time faqs, repeat customer review requests, user generated content, and more.

Native post purchase

Native Checkout

Post purchase offers are shown directly after payment as a new Shopify checkout step. Compatible with Shop Pay checkouts as well!

One Click Upsell

Customers can redeem post purchase offers with one click. No payment information is required.

A/B Version Testing

Not sure what copy converts better? Need to find the best product for a set of criteria? Optimize your offers with built in version testing. Easily create a second version and choose the winning version.

Over 25 Eligibility Rules

Unlike other Shopify checkout upsell apps, we surface over 25 different eligibility rules to trigger a promotion. This means you can create highly targeted offers that convert better than on other apps using powerful if/else rule groupping.

Additional Benefits

Drag and drop editor

Drag and drop blocks to create your offers or start from an optimized template.

Multi language compatible

Easily translate customer facing copy into any language enabled on your store.

Reviews integration

Easily surface product ratings. All the top review apps are supported out of box.


Add a downsell offer which shows if a customer declines the initial offer.

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