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According to a 2020 survey from Qbit, 37% of consumers shop more fashion brands than they did 1 year ago and are 47% less loyal to former favorites. While this statistic may seem alarming, it’s also important to note that 71% of fashion consumers purchase directly from brands instead of via third party sellers. The takeaway here is that while there is less overall brand loyalty from consumers in the fashion space, there are more opportunities than ever to directly reach and build an audience. By serving consumers post-purchase offers, retailers can increase retention and familiarity, along with traditional key performance indicators like revenue, average order value, and customer lifetime value.

As Shopify explains it, “When a customer is happy with their purchase experience, they spend more money with your brand over time. They also trigger new growth by telling others about your brand offering. This strategy is all about nurturing your existing customer relationships.” By introducing current customers to new products or helpful content, brands gain personality and become memorable. The shopping experience becomes not just about buying things, but about forming a relationship.

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