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Always free


For development or small stores just starting out.

  • Includes 100 orders per month



For small & growing brands.

  • Includes 250 orders per month

  • $0.03 per order above 250

Large Growth


For large & established brands.

  • Includes 4000 orders per month

  • $0.03 per order above 4000

All plans include:

  • Powerful eligibility engine with over 25+ triggers to choose from

  • Integrates natively into Shopify's checkout with one click upsells

  • Supports both content & commerce offers

  • Integrates with all the top review apps

  • Optimize offers with built-in A/B testing

  • In-depth analytics

  • Excellent support

Enterprise Pricing

If your store does more than 25,000 orders per month, we offer discounted bulk pricing.

Common questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Does every order count?
No. Only unique orders shown a promotion count towards your usage. If an order views more than one promotion, it's only counted once.
What happens if I hit my plan's order limit?
If you are on the free plan, your promotions will no longer show to customers until your usage resets (every 30 days) or you upgrade to a paid plan. If you are on a paid plan, your promotions will continue to show but you will be asked to increase your usage cap. Note, this will only happen if you are showing promotions to over 66,000 orders per month.
What currency is shown in prices?
The pricing is shown in USD.
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes. Just uninstall the app from your Shopify store and it will end the billing agreement. Note that Shopify will bill you for the remainder of the 30 day period.